Bixby State Preserve

  • 37894 Fortune Avenue, Edgewood, IA
  • 563-924-2527


Spanning 184 acres, Bixby State Preserve is a haven of rugged algific slopes, mature hardwood forests, and the soothing melody of Bear Creek, a trout stream perfect for a tranquil fishing retreat.

Looking for a peaceful getaway? Whether it’s a quiet picnic amidst the picturesque surroundings, a leisurely hike through the trails, or a moment to simply unwind and embrace nature’s tranquility, this preserve offers the ideal escape.

Just a short stroll along the trail leads you to the mesmerizing Ice Cave. It’s a natural wonder, where despite its proximity to the entrance, the cave maintains its icy allure throughout the year. While the cave entrance is gated for safety, you can still bask in the chilly rush of air and marvel at this unique geological marvel.

Located just 2 miles north of Edgewood along Fortune Ave, Bixby State Preserve invites you to indulge in the beauty of unspoiled landscapes and the enchantment of a nature retreat.

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