Dunning’s Spring Park & Waterfall

  • Ice Cave Rd, Decorah, IA
  • (563) 382-4158


Picture this: a jaw-dropping 200-foot waterfall just a stone’s throw from downtown Decorah. That’s Dunning’s Spring Park & Waterfall for you!

Park hassle-free, grab your picnic basket, and hit the trails for a day of awe and adventure. But wait, before you start your journey, take a moment at the beautiful stone bridge—your gateway to the hiking paths. Hear that? It’s the call of nature, urging you to explore those trails surrounded by lush greenery and the symphony of rushing waters.

This place isn’t just a sight—it’s a serene retreat where nature shows off its best. So, whether you’re up for an outdoor escapade or just want to soak up some peaceful vibes, Dunning’s Spring Park & Waterfall has got you covered. Get ready to be wowed by Mother Nature’s masterpiece, right here in Decorah’s backyard!

What to Expect

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