Gilbertson Conservation Education Area

  • 1810 Agate Road, Elgin, IA
  • 563-422-5146


Discover the serene allure of Gilbertson Nature Center in Elgin, Fayette County! This 1,000-acre area has over 10 miles of soft, wooded trails and a paved bike trail, perfect for tranquil walks or invigorating rides.

Embrace the tranquility at Gilbertson Pond, a 4-acre pond, offering a kayak launch and fishing access, Families will enjoy an outdoor playscape and petting zoo. Stay overnight at the modern campground for a starlit escape.

Don’t miss the Nature Center, a hub of exploration and learning about the natural world. Gilbertson Nature Center promises an adventure-filled retreat amidst Fayette County’s picturesque landscapes.

Located within Gilbertson Conservation Education Area.

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