Lidtke Park & Campground

  • Oak Ave, Lime Springs, IA 52155
  • 563.547.3434


Welcome to Lidtke Park and Campground in Lime Springs, Howard County, where history and nature intertwine! Immerse yourself in a journey through time at Lidtke Mill, a remarkably preserved 1860 gristmill frozen in the past, offering a rare glimpse into its operational intricacies.

Nestled amidst the scenic bends of the Upper Iowa River, this park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. As you set up camp, envision days filled with exploration along the riverbanks and paddling adventures from two convenient canoe landings.

Take leisurely strolls through the park’s natural beauty or embark on an enriching visit to Lidtke Mill, where the past comes alive. Lidtke Park and Campground invite you to savor the perfect blend of history and natural serenity on the enchanting banks of the Upper Iowa River.

What to Expect

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