Turkey River

  • Elgin, Clermont, Elkader
  • 563-265-5248


Welcome to the Turkey River Recreational Corridor, an expansive adventure playground spanning Elgin, Clermont, Elkader, and Postville! Explore a multitude of activities amidst stunning landscapes.

Discover the charm of the 7-mile paved Turkey River Recreational Land Trails linking Elgin and Clermont for serene walks and invigorating bike rides. Separate trails cater to equestrian enthusiasts, offering thrilling horseback riding experiences.

Immerse yourself in the Turkey River Water Trail, a 98-mile stretch along the Little Turkey and Turkey Rivers. This immersive experience, marked by signs, maps, and accessible river points, provides scenic and educational adventures for all recreational users.

From riverside strolls to exhilarating horseback rides and educational water trails, the Corridor offers diverse experiences for every adventurer. Come and explore the natural wonders of Elgin, Clermont, Elkader, and Postville within the vibrant Turkey River Recreational Corridor.

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