Vesterheim Norwegian American Museum

  • 520 W. Water St, Decorah, IA
  • (563) 382-9681


Prepare for an adventure into the heart of the Norwegian-American experience at Vesterheim! Here, history comes alive through 33,000 artifacts showcasing the rich tapestry of Norwegian folk arts, both past and present.

Our outdoor campus features 12 historic buildings for you to explore. Venture into our interior galleries to encounter many unique gems including a magnificent 25-foot wooden sailboat, a log house, an array of traditional costumes, and so much more.

From hands-on courses in folk arts to vibrant exhibitions, every step uncovers tales of resilience and creativity. Whether you’re tracing your heritage or simply curious, Vesterheim invites you to set sail on a captivating voyage through the Norwegian-American legacy. Join us in celebrating this vibrant tapestry of culture and heritage at Vesterheim Norwegian American Museum.

What to Expect

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