Introducing the Northeast Iowa Bike Guide

Posted: December 29, 2023 | Updated: December 29, 2023

Welcome to Northeast Iowa, home to some of the best bike trails and most scenic landscapes in Iowa. Use this guide to navigate more than 200 miles of paved, granular, soft, and single-track trails spread across seven counties.

Don’t miss the Points of Interest section where you’ll find contact information for local Visitor Welcome Centers that can provide you even more information on the region’s abundant lodging, dining, shopping, outdoor recreation, arts and culture, and historic attractions.

Enjoy your time riding across Northeast Iowa. You’ll love the view from here.

Trail Safety

Many bike trails in Northeast Iowa are multi-use trails and you may encounter walkers, joggers, horseback riders, and pets. Some trails have little or no cell phone service, travel along shared roadways and through towns, or may have been modified since the creation of this map. Please follow these guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all trail users.

  1. Share the Trail. Slow down and be courteous of all users. Bikes yield to horses and pedestrians.
  2. Ride Right. Ride on the right and pass on the left.
  3. Communicate. Signal when you approach others or are turning.
  4. Stay Aware. Keep your eyes and ears open for other trail users or vehicles.
  5. Make a Plan. Know your route and tell others where you are going and when you will be back.
  6. Follow the Signs. Pay attention to trail signs and directions installed by trail managers.
  7. Use Safe Equipment. Wear a helmet and make sure your bike is working properly.
  • Leave No Trace. Trash belongs in the garbage.
This guide was developed by the Northeast Iowa Tourism Association. Input, contributions, grants, and support were provided by the following organizations: Travel Iowa, Northeast Iowa RC&D, Dairyland Power Cooperative, Allamakee Clayton Electric Cooperative.
Allamakee County Economic Development & Tourism, Clayton County Development Group, Fayette County Economic Development & Tourism, Howard County Business & Tourism, Turkey River Recreational Corridor, Winneshiek County Development & Tourism, Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission
Map & Publication Designed by Northeast Iowa RC&D.

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